Chat bot and voice bot based market research to

 understand your customer in the moment



Fast and affordable insight 

Conversational and engaging on any device

Research conducted by chat bot or voice bot is different to traditional surveys. Utilising a familiar chat format and crafted with empathy and knowledge of research, both our chat and voice based ‘surveys’ are fun, conversational and easy to complete.

We design conversations that reflect your brand and how your target prefers to communicate. We can reach your audience in the moments that matter with chats sent via SMS during or following specific events for more relevant in-the-moment feedback.

Our method captures both qualitative and quantitative metrics with a natural and easy flowing conversation that keeps users engaged, removing many of the barriers to alternative research methods.

Meeting your customers where they are

We offer a range of options – studies which are designed to be voice-first which your users can respond to from their smart speaker or phone with a simple voice command, or mobile optimised chats which are easy to complete from anywhere, with the option of embedded video. All our studies feature smart follow ups and intelligent design.

Smart reporting options

Our dashboards have been built using the latest AI tools to convert qualitative insight into quantitative metrics. This means that as well as the usual metrics you would expect from quantitative data, you can see how qualitative responses theme. and how they change for different segments. You can even drill down to verbatum responses.

Access results live via a secure dashboard or download a CSV file for further analysis.
No PowerPoint reports, saving you time and money.

Further consultation is available if you require it.


Fast Results

We know you can’t always wait weeks for survey results which is why, in some cases, we can have your chat or voice powered survey in field within a matter of hours, with results filtering through to your dashboard in real time.

Because you are not waiting on a human researcher to clean, analyse, chart and report the findings, you see results come through to your dashboard much sooner than is possible through traditional research.




World Class Technology

We have developed our own platform for creating chat bots and voice bots to have the flexibility, adaptability and control over pricing and data today’s agile businesses demand.
Our platform features:

  • Emotion detection based on response  to visual stimulus
  • Dashboards as standard
  • Data stored securely in Australia


Ready-to-Go Studies

From ad tests and concept tests to brand imagery we have a selection of surveys ready to launch.

Includes in-built emotion analytics

Customised to your brand or content and ready to launch within hours.

Custom Chat & Voice Bots

We can create a custom survey for your business using chat or voice .

Combining our expertisie in conversation design with consumer behaviour and brand and marketing strategy, our team will create a  chat or voice bot which makes sense for you and your audience .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is emotion recognition?

With their permission, we access respondent’s camera on their device to measure their emotional response to stimulus. Our AI model reads changes in their facial expression to measure how their emotions shift during the course of watching stimulus – such as an how they respond to an advertisement. We measure 6 key emotions: angry, surprise, fearful, disgusted, happy, sadness as well as neutrality to see how people respond overall to an ad, as well as the peaks and lows. This can be helpful to compare reactions to different altnernatives or highlight scenes with particular impact We can also identify the respondents age and gender using this tool. The technology operates in the background, without slowing down the users device and we do not keep a recordings.

Who is behind Research by Bot?

We are a team of professional market researchers and are partially owned by Lewers Research, an award winning full service market research agency. We build our chat and voice based studies on our own platform.

Are you a Software as a Service Provider (Saas)

No. We are not a do it yourself model. You can access our services via our full service custom bot solutions, or try one of our ready build solutions.

I am a researcher, can I use your service?

Yes. If you’d like to design the questions yourself you can do this. 

How much does a study cost?

Research combines a number of costs – study design, programming, sample, incentives and reporting. You can access all of these through us, or if you prefer we can design your chat bot based survey, send you a link and you can distribute this to your customers. All of our studies are inclusive of an incredibly powerful dashboard which puts you in control of your data fast. We can create a custom chat or voice study from as little as $10,000 and you can access most of our ready to go modules for less than $5000.

Are you robots?

No, we are real live researchers. We’d be happy to have a real live conversation with you via phone or chat at any time.

Where are you based?

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and we service clients around the globe.

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