Our emotion detection works by accessing a participant’s camera while they watch an ad and measuring their reaction whilst the ad plays. We measure for 6 emotions: surprise, angry, disgusted, happy, fearful, sad.

Here is why we developed this technology in this way:

  1. Emotion detection allows us to measure system 1 responses. It’s not based on asking them how they feel (although we do that as well), it is based almost imperceptable changes to how their eyes and mouth and face change while they are watching. It’s like watching people watch an ad, but it’s much, much more scaleable
  2. It’s friction free from the respondent. We don’t record them, there are no issues with privacy and it doesn’t slow down their device
  3. Respondent’s opt in to the camera access. We explicitly ask for their permission to access the camera right before the video plays
  4. The client or researcher gets to decide what it means and how it correlates with their stated responses. We give you the tool kit to be able to analyse any or all of the 6 emotions across the length of the ad, filtered by the 13 questions we ask.
Output from a 30 second ad: happiness peaks at 22 seconds

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