Custom Voice and Chat Studies

Chat and voice based research requires a special skill set built on a solid understanding of research design, conversation design and an the technology that drives chat and voice bots. A chat based study can be more engaging for your audience which leads to higher response rates with a range of distribution methods including SMS you can reach your audience in the moment. We also design a voice-first surveys which can be conducted on Google Home, Alexa or any one of the billion smart phones and other devices that include Google Assistant.

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Always On

As well as a one off study, consider a chat or voice bot which is always on with rolling reporting to observe shifts in customer sentiment

Scenarios which suit chat-based surveys

Consumers across all age groups are becoming more acustomised to chat and message applications and can simply prefer it as a mode of communication. This option now extends to market research. Beyond this, there may be particular advantages to running a chat-based study.

Engaging with hard to reach audiences who typically don’t respond to email invitations to complete a survey.

If you have visual stimulus and you can gain additional insight by measuring emotional reaction via our face tracking technology.

In the moment feedback which can be sent via SMS for time-critical feedback to events 

In app surveys. Once we’ve created your bot, we share it via a link which you can embed into your website or app.

Get ongoing feedback by embedding your chatbot link into your sales workflow to track changes over time and identify areas for improvement. 

Qualitative discussions conducted at scale and reported in real time with the power of AI generated sentiment and themes.

Scenarios which suit voice-first surveys

For in the moment feedback where the target are more likely to participate if they can do so without having to use their hands reach for glasses, open an app or look up a link. They may be cooking dinner, loading shopping into the car, driving, carrying children, folding laundry. Your audience can invoke your study with a simple “OK Google, talk to Hot House”.

Studies show that over 10% of Australian adults are impacted by low literacy. By conducting research via a senstitively crafted voice conversation, you can ensure that you are being inclusive of all potential customers and cohorts.

Research via voice is still a novel area which could see much higher take up amongst users of smart speakers. Demonstate your commitment to your customers by creating a bot which shows you value their feedback. We can even use voice actors to create the exact right tone of voice. 

See how easy it is to start a voice survey – no app, no hyperlink, no hands!

Steps to getting a custom bot

Step 1: The Brief

We set up a call to take your brief and understand your audience, your research objectives and business objectives. We agree on sample and confirm cost to proceed into production.

Step 2: Design

We design your conversation. Typically it will include open and closed questions presented in a flow which makes sense for the audience and your brand. We send you a draft for testing

Step 3: In field

Once approved we push the conversation live on the devices to the audiences agreed in stage 1

Step 4: The dashboard

We send you a secure link to a dashboard. You can see an overview of results to your study and drill down to the details using any combination of filters, cross tabs and AI powered insights. Videos are embedded to guide you. 

Step 5: Optional Interpretation and Consultation

If you require it, we can provide additional consultation at the back end to help you interpret the findings and the possible implications for your business. 

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