The Remote Workforce Monitor

Our professionally designed chat based staff survey  allows you to identify areas for improvement around technology, training, performance and staff wellbeing during Covid-19 and beyond.

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An engaging chat style survey

Professionally designed by experienced team of market researchers, it will take your team around 5 minutes to complete on their phone, laptop or tablet each week. Invoiced monthly, cancel any time.

Confidential and Fully secure

We don’t ask for identifiable information and ensure the annonymity of responses to enable honest feedback

Qual and quant questions

Includes a range of scaled and open ended responses for richness of insight and to provide key meausures and changes week on week and against benchmarks

Branding Options

Option to brand with your logo, corporate colours and custom introductory message for chat survey and dashboard

Live Dashboard

Secure access to all qual and quant data, for all options. Filter and compare by demographics, location, working from home status

Workforce Options

Branching questions for those working from home and working on site, and custom versions for teams on building sites, manufacturing centres, distribution centres and health facilities

Secure Hyperlink

Securely distribute to your staff via email, SMS or workplace apps with weekly reminders and email templates provided


We had the highest response rate using this tool compared to any staff survey we’ve done previously. The sentiment analysis and quick-view dashboard made it really easy to see what we were doing well, and also which age groups and geographic areas required more or different support. Overall, I’ve found it to be an excellent way to gauge staff well-being in a quick, easy, and actionable way.

Rebecca Tohill

CEO, Fusion5


5 minute survey covers:

  • General wellbeing
  • Productivity
  • Video conferencing software utilisation and feedback
  • Home internet speeds
  • Issues around working from home and family balance
  • Social distancing
  • Areas for improvement and support around technology, training and emotional needs
  • Effectiveness of communication to the team
  • Anxiety around Covid-19
  • General feedback

Your secure dashboard of results

Set up for weekly reporting of results to compare how your team are performing, what their concerns are, what training or support they need.

Our paid versions allow you to track sentiment of responses over time and to measure your results against benchmarks


Secure hyperlink to your custom chat survey

Securely distribute to your staff via email, SMS or workplace apps with weekly reminders and email templates provided.

 Customisable survey interface, welcome message and thank you message, as well as custom branding on your dashboard.